Myths are blindfolds that keep you from being able to sort fact from fiction. If you don’t take them off, you’ll bump around in the dark not recognizing patterns of thought and behavior within you that need to change. We ALL harbor hidden myths that can block our reinvention if they’re not cleared out.

Myths are fundamental beliefs about the world around you that you develop or nurture lovingly or accept without question. They can be positive or negative (“When I have that, life will be great” or “People like me can’t have that”), and usually appear in the guise of self-evident truths. (“After forty, it’s all downhill.”)

Now you might be thinking: Why is this important? Shouldn’t I just dive into action and clear them out along the way?

Yes, taking action is essential in reinvention… AND, if you start moving while still holding your myths, here’s what happens:

????You waste time.????

????You burn through tons of energy and get very little in return.????

????You squander money that you could invest in things that would deliver a payoff.????

Myths are blindfolds that keep you from being able to sort fact from fiction. So let’s take the first one off so you can see clearly how to reach your goals.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

MYTH #1: The first step of reinvention is to figure out the ONE job you should aim for.

Most people start their search for a new career by looking for one target, because they’re hoping it will be like a game of darts—a straight shot to bulls-eye.

But reinvention is akin to the game show Let’s Make a Deal—you’ll probably have to look behind more than one door to win the big prize. Thankfully, in real life, you get to keep opening new doors till you find the prize you like best!

For example, imagine you head to the store to buy a suit for an important interview. The salesclerk brings you one outfit and says okay, here’s your choice. You’d think: WHAAAAT??? Where are the rest of my options? How can I know for sure this is the best one for me unless I’ve seen a few different suits?

Well, the same is true in your reinvention. You have to review a few options to determine whether or not the job you choose is actually the one that’s best “suited” for you. (just couldn’t resist the pun…????)

#REINVENTIONTRUTH: You need to try on a few different career ideas before settling on the job that’s best for you.

Next, let’s explode Myth #2…????

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