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Work you love. Fulfilling relationships. Peak performance and, yes, time for fun. It's at this intersection of personal and professional where you will find yourself profoundly changed, seriously happy and experiencing more success than you dreamed possible. Why settle for a good life when a great one is waiting? Let's get started:
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About me…

I’m Pamela Mitchell, aka ‘Coach Pamela’.  I used to be an entertainment exec (and before that I worked on Wall Street), but in 2003 I turned down the biggest job of my career, said “yes” to my calling, and started a company called The Reinvention Institute.

It IS possible to have a life you love, and I’m here to give you the tips, tools, support and inspiration to turn the life you dream of into a life you actually lead.  If you’re ready, then join me….

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Pamela came into my life at a place where I had nearly lost hope from disappointment and feelings of failure. I am now at a place where I am filled with excitement every day for what is to come. It is a complete attitude shift. Continue Reading

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