[intro]Making time to meditate can sometimes feel like ordering sautéed kale from the menu when you really want the blooming onion—it’s the healthy choice, but not much fun.[/intro]
Thankfully a slew of tools have come along that increase the enjoyment factor.  One of my favorites is Stop, Breathe and Think, a Webby-award-winning app for iOS, Android and the web that delivers a shot of instant calm during the most harried day.

Upon opening the app you’re greeted with a caring message: How are you?   After you’ve logged your mental, physical and emotional state, it suggests several short meditations specifically designed to help you through that moment.

Playful cartoons, stickers, check-ins, and tracking of time spent in meditation add gaming elements that keep the fun quotient high while you’re doing the right thing for your blood pressure and mindset. In the spirit of sharing love the app is free, though you can expand those post-meditation good feelings by making a donation.

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