Ever feel like your journey towards a new career path is an uphill battle?

You’ve reached out to everyone in your LinkedIn network, revamped your resume twice, pitched yourself repeatedly for that high-profile task force at work, and invited that HR partner you met last summer for coffee three separate times.

You’ve taken a ton of action, and yet it still feels like you’re treading water.

You think: Surely, I should be out of the pool by now? Someone, anyone, throw me a pool noodle!

I feel your frustration…. I do!

You’re doing everything, but…

The thing is, the key to reaching your goals isn’t just the doing. It’s the thinking.

One of my clients came to Miami for a Reinvention Strategy VIP session. She’s smart, accomplished, and knows how to create opportunity. She was doing everything we laid out in her execution plan, but deep-seated stories and negative self-talk were screaming in her head all day long. No amount of action or accountability could move that needle.

Trying to achieve a goal without addressing your mindset is like trying to drive with the parking brake engaged.

For my client, we didn’t spend her VIP session coming up with a lengthier to-do list. Instead, we spent our time together identifying the most significant blocks that were hindering her progress and creating new, more helpful beliefs. We then used Psych-K to reprogram her subconscious, so that her mental self-talk would support her goals.

Now when she takes action to accelerate her reinvention, all that energy is available to propel her forward.

You weren’t with us, of course, so here’s a cruise through the four most powerful mindset shifts you need to make so you can successfully accelerate YOUR reinvention… and not crash.?

(Watch this video for a more in-depth overview.)

Mindset Shift #1: I can solve ANY problem on the road ahead

To quickly move forward on your journey you’ve got to be willing to solve problems.

That’s precisely what reinvention is—a series of phases you’ll travel through, each with its own set of problems. You start point A. You want to get to point B, and you have to solve the challenges along the way. (And, like a game, if there weren’t any challenges it would be BORING.)

Challenges are what prepare you to sustain your goal. Engaging with problems is how you grow, expand and learn.

So instead of resisting, adopting a mindset of ‘I can solve anything’ (or, at the very least, ‘I am willing to solve problems’) is one of the critical shifts to be able to forge through the roadblocks of reinvention.

Mindset Shift #2: I can take action in the face of fear

Any significant change (and often small changes too) come with a healthy dose of fear. Because you are stepping into the unknown, fear is going to be a constant companion throughout your reinvention journey. Since it’s not going to dissipate right away, you must choose to take action anyway.

How can you do this? You have to stop letting fear be the driver of what you do.

Luckily, we separate our actions from how we feel all the time.

There are probably days when you don’t want to get up in the morning and go to work, but you do anyway. That’s because you’ve committed to showing up, so you don’t let a passing feeling deter you.

When you apply the same principle to your reinvention, it turbocharges your progress.

Mindset Shift #3: My thoughts and beliefs aren’t always the truth

NEWSFLASH: Just because our mind says something, does not make it right.

So often we’re operating under myths, or we’re operating under fantasies, or we think certain things are real for everybody. And they’re not!

A perfect analogy for this is the micro-climates of Miami, where I live. It can be torrential rain in one neighborhood, and blue skies a few blocks away.

Many beliefs are so deeply ingrained that we never learn to question them. That can keep us from taking the actions we need to.

So to reach your reinvention destination, you need to learn to question your thoughts and beliefs— every single one!

Mindset Shift #4: I’m willing to make myself happy

This might feel like a no-brainer. “Of course I want to make myself happy,” you say. I beg to differ.

Often the actions we take don’t match what we say we want.

Example: having that second helping of dessert when you want to feel lighter, leaner and happier in your physical body. Look, we both know dessert is delicious and eating it feels great at that moment.

But when our short-term actions don’t match our long-term goals, we set ourselves up for unhappiness.

Why is this important? Numerous studies demonstrate positive correlations between happiness and success in all facets of life including income and work performance.

Taking action to make yourself happy isn’t always easy. It requires you to remember what you really want and be willing to make tough choices. (Like saying “No thanks” to that second helping of dessert.)

Your reward for that effort is that it gets you in gear to cruise to your goal.

NEXT STEP: How can you begin making these mindset shifts today?

Start by understanding that reinvention is not a single thing you “do.” It’s a journey with a series of distinct stages you must navigate to reach your goal.

In each stage, you’ll be presented with a series of unique challenges. If you’ve been solely focused on tactics, make sure you put equal weight on mastering your inner game.

This ensures that all the effort you put in will deliver work you want AND a life you love!


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