Why Your Body is Your Most Valuable Asset

There’s a particular mindset shared by busy, Type-A women, myself included.  

Sometimes we’re so focused on “getting things done” that we push our bodies into the red zone.  Even our workouts can slip into another way of pushing to accomplish a goal!  

However, to show up as our best selves both personally and professionally we need to invest in, not drain, our bodies.  In this episode’s Tales from the Coaching Front, I share with you my personal struggles on this front and some of the creative self-care activities I use to nurture my physical well-being.

Also in this episode, listener Diane calls in to Ask Coach Pamela with the following struggle:

I’m considering a career shift in the field of education. Traditionally I’ve worked in ESL, English as a Second Language, but through my child who has some special needs and learning disabilities, I’ve become quite interested and even passionate about special education.

I’m considering a shift to special education, but because it’s so close to home, I also know just how very demanding it is. I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to fold that into my life. Is the personal experience right for a professional shift?

My advice to Diane is that while on the surface it may seem like a great idea to turn your passion into a career, there are reasons why mixing the two can actually be detrimental.  Some personal passions, when expanded into a job, stop being enjoyable. It’s important to delve more deeply to figure out if that’s the case in this situation.

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Here are the coaching questions I asked her:

1. Why did you initially choose your career? What did you enjoy about English as a Second Language? What did you find personally fulfilling about it? Sometimes when we’ve been working in a field for so long, we tend to forget why we were drawn to it initially.

2. Does your new field contain the things that you enjoy about the one that you’re leaving? This is important because many times we assume our passion will carry us through without analyzing if where we’re headed has the things we love about our current field.

3. What will you miss if you leave your current industry? What isn’t going to be in your new field, and is it okay to give that up? You have to ask yourself that very consciously so that you go into this decision with clear eyes.

The most important question of all to ask is : How much do you want your work to be your life? Sometimes it’s fine to have no separation between work and personal passions, but it’s also perfectly fine to have a job that you enjoy that gives you the space to pursue your personal passion.  Either way, I advised her, give yourself full permission to make a choice for this moment, and then just stay open to how life evolves!

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