This week I share some insights from a recent coaching session…

A client, who is working on a very big project, came in overwhelmed by all the steps she needed to do to reach her goal. Her problem was that she felt stuck and unable to move forward because she didn’t know how she’d handle all of the future problems she’d identified. This is actually pretty common; we oftentimes feel buried by an avalanche of issues that we don’t know how we’ll solve. But there is a solution!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode

1. Why thinking about downstream tasks can be a drain on your momentum

2. The hidden syndrome that puts you in a cycle of overwhelm and derails your progress

3. The specific (and tough!) question to ask yourself when you’re stuck that helps you get moving again

And in Ask Coach Pamela, I answer Pluria’s question about resources for job interviews by sharing a unique resource from Hollywood with fresh strategies that can give you an edge in pitching yourself.
CLICK TO TWEET: “You won’t have a shot at future success if you don’t take action on what’s in front of you today.” ~Pamela Mitchell

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: How will you sustain your momentum on the journey towards your goals this week?

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