When Linda P. Jones was just 10 years old, she read the classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and set a childhood goal that she wanted to build wealth. Not surprisingly she went on to a career in finance, while also independently pursuing an investment strategy that earned her $2 million by the age of 39.

Though she’d reached her goal and was enjoying the fruits of what she’d built, the early death of her beloved husband caused Linda to take stock and reinvent her life. She now works as a wealth mentor, empowering others to reach independent financial freedom.

One of the big insights Linda shared in today’s episode is that when you aren’t wealthy and set wealth-centered goals, sometimes it’s difficult to shift your mindset from “That’s something I’d like, if it happens someday” to “I am going to be a millionaire.” Your brain takes over, accusing you of speaking too soon, and doesn’t allow you to develop the supportive thought patterns you need to achieve wealth.

Linda’s genius strategy for overcoming this mental resistance is sneaky; it’s something I called “The Trojan Horse Method of Affirmations.” It tricks your brain into accepting those wealthy statements, letting them seep into your consciousness and shifting your mindset. Linda’s method? Your affirmations should be a mixture of true statements and “not yet true” statements.

Here’s the example she gave:

1. I’m a multimillionaire.
2. My name is Pamela.
3. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.
4. I live in Florida.

Now, before your mind can chime in with a “Not so fast, you’re not a multimillionaire!”, you follow quickly with a true statement that it can’t argue with (“Well, my name IS Pamela”). This lowers the barriers of resistance in your brain, allowing you to build new neural pathways around fresh ideas and shift unconscious beliefs about money that you may have been carrying since childhood. You can then move forward each day with your mind as a partner in creating wealth rather than a roadblock.

Linda shared a ton of other sensational tips during our chat including the right language to use to frame your goals, strategies for avoiding the fear and feelings of unworthiness that stop you, and how to use a fun app to amp up the power of your affirmations.

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