Today’s topic is How to Unlock Your Inner Radiance… and to help me to talk about this, I spoke with Karen Drucker.

Karen is a singer-songwriter who has recorded 19 CDs of original inspirational music, and she’s the author of “Let Go of the Shore: Stories and Songs That Set the Spirit Free.”

Among Karen’s many accomplishments, she has been a professional comedian, she’s led her own band for corporate events, and she has been the music director of New Thought churches, as well as the music director and music weaver for spiritual conferences and retreats. In following her passion, Karen sings, speaks, and leads workshops and women’s retreats and mind, body, and health conferences at churches around the country.

Karen has been called a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music. We had a really fun conversation, and be forewarned– there will be singing!

So let’s get this show started!

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