We all have at least one undesirable behavior in our lives.  And many of us struggle to overcome it and then kick ourselves for not being able to resolve it more quickly.

In this episode’s “Tales From the Coaching Front,’ I share the advice that I gave to one of my long-time coaching clients who was struggling with negativity.  You see, this person has the tendency to look at all of the negative aspects of a situation and focus on everything that could go wrong.  And like so many of us, he was tempted to view his struggle with negativity from the medical perspective.  “What is the cure?  How can I change this behavior as quickly as possible?”

You can’t simply take a magic pill and watch see an undesirable behavior simply disappear.   And you can’t kick yourself if you’re not able to institute a miracle cure overnight.  In this episode, I explain why it’s easier to overcome a challenge like this from an athletic perspective.

And in the “Ask Coach Pamela” segment we look at why people’s criticism of us can impact how we assess ourselves.  The important lesson from this person’s question speaks to how we make decisions, and why it’s important to have our heads and our hearts working in partnership.

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