How I Turned the Life I Dreamed of into an Authentically Amazing Reality… and you can too!


A little Milwaukee girl with big-city dreams. That was me.Pamela-child

But I wasn’t born with all the advantages that typically determine success. My divorced mom raised us single-handedly, and life was often a struggle. Luckily, though there wasn’t a lot of money in our household there was a whole lot of love, and a firm belief that despite the barriers, if you wanted something badly enough you could always find a way.

I wanted to see the world, so I took my family’s value of hard work and applied it to that dream.  And I did it!  I accomplished all those things that look great on a resume: Ivy League college, MBA, Wall Street job.  I’d “made it”, and I fully intended to live that life until I retired.

Except that I hated it.

You know that sinking feeling when you finally get something you wanted, and you realize it doesn’t make you happy?  On the outside my life looked fabulous—good salary, international travel, a cool boss—but inside, I knew Wall Street wasn’t for me.

My heart told me to leave, but I felt I had too much to lose. I lived for five years with a crushing anxiety that kept my stomach in knots, until the emotional pain finally forced me to quit.

I leapt into that reinvention without a plan (not something I’d recommend!) and despite making pretty much every mistake in the book, I eventually landed a great job in entertainment. I absolutely loved it and thought I was “set”, but nine years in that little voice inside spoke up again: Time to use your talents to make a difference in this world. It took the tragedy of September 11th and a year of painful soul-searching before I could finally walk away from that glamorous career and follow my life’s calling to become a coach.

Since then, as CEO of The Reinvention Institute I’ve helped hundreds of people step past their fear into their potential. Day after day, I witness my clients take on seemingly insurmountable challenges and overcome hurdles to achieve profound, life-changing transformations.

While helping others, IMG_6730 I’ve also continued my own journey. I’ve discovered it’s not about having just the career, or the life, or trying to balance it all.  It’s about discovering who we truly are, what makes our hearts sing, and how to meld our professional selves and our personal selves into an enhanced version of our best selves.

THAT is the real secret to transforming your life into an authentically amazing reality. Up until now I’ve only shared these insights with my one-on-one clients, but my inner “nudge” said it was time to share this conversation with the world so The LiftOff Project Podcast was born. (I respond more quickly to those nudges now!)

One of the things I’ve also seen in my years of coaching is the power of groups, so in the next few months we’re going to launch Club LiftOff, a new membership group.  It’s a safe, supportive space where you can overcome your fears, have a-ha moments and celebrate your successes, share your mistakes and learn new ideas, and– most importantly– turbocharge the momentum to your most magical, extraordinary, authentically amazing life!

So make yourself at home and enjoy the resources we’ve got here. I look forward to meeting you in our community—and to helping you lift YOUR life!

Best of everything,


P.S.  If you want to see my “formal” bio, you can download it HERE. And the pictures you see below are from my Instagram feed, where I share pictures of what brings me joy and makes my life an authentically amazing reality. 🙂