ATTENTION: Spirit-led C-level (and senior-level) Black women, take 3 minutes to watch this:

Introducing: AMPLIFY

A private group coaching program for spirit-led C-level & senior-level black women.

This is for you if you need to solve any of these challenges:

You’ve got it going on with goals but draw a blank on your spirit’s needs, so you’re papering over your pain with achievement.
You’re busy helping everybody else but not having conversations for yourself, so you’re on a rollercoaster of dropping your dreams.
You pour energy into the world but miss the mark on channeling your light, so you’re burning yourself (and those around you) out.
You’re ready to make a change but your mind and heart aren’t aligned, so you’re feeling stuck and fearful about making a mistake.

Thankfully, all that is behind you.

We're here for you!

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What makes AMPLIFY different?


Coaching is at the heart of what we do. We support you 1:1, in groups, and in our private community forum.


We're not a group for the lazy! We hold you accountable to take weekly action toward your dreams and goals.


Ours is a space of spirit and love. We believe in (and operate from) a Circle of Giving, and require our members to do the same.

What's included in AMPLIFY...


AMPLIFY Blueprint 1:1 coaching session
In Month 1 we start with a 90-minute deep-dive 1:1 coaching session where we distill your vision + 2021 goals and map out your action steps to launch.


Midpoint Strategy 1:1 coaching session
In Month 2 we have a 1:1 coaching session to blast through fears and overcome stuck points to ensure you stay focused on prioritizing your dreams.


Progress + Plan 1:1 check-in call
In Month 3 we meet for a third 1:1 coaching call to celebrate your progress and identify your system of habits to anchor your clarity, peace, and power.


Monthly mastermind group call
Every month we have a group coaching call that’s a safe space for conversation to brainstorm ideas, craft strategies, and connect with your peers.


Access to our private AMPLIFY group forum
You don’t need the world “in your business” so we have a private forum where you can share your wins, be inspired, and stay accountable to your dreams.

Meet Coach Pamela...

I’ve walked in your shoes.

I’ve been the only one at the table, in the room, or at the company. 

I’ve been the “high-powered hider” where it all looks great from the outside, but inside, my soul was unfulfilled.

I’ve known the fear of stepping up to pursue my REAL dreams. And I did it by myself, all the time wishing for a circle of support to help me through.

Since 2003, I’ve helped thousands of people reinvent themselves. Spirit called me to do this, and I left my career negotiating overseas partnership deals for entertainment companies to follow that calling.

Now Spirit has asked me to start a group specifically for us, so that we have a safe space to identify and pursue the next level of our dreams.

We have a unique opportunity to tap into our magic and soar. To be all that we’re meant to be. To create careers and lives that fulfill ALL aspects of our soul.

Are YOU ready to amplify? If so, join us.

Here's where you've seen me:

When you join us in AMPLIFY, you get these returns:

A clear understanding of your path to success

A safe space + sounding board to help you blast stuck patterns and navigate challenges

Concrete direction for where to best invest your energies in the short and long term

Inspiration to expand your thinking about what’s possible for your career and your life

A like-minded circle of peers to help you stay centered and confident as you amplify your dreams

This session of AMPLIFY has closed.

Would you like to be notified when the doors open again?

This is about your Spirit Power Joy

Hold up!

Before you apply,
let's make sure we're a fit:


Are we a match?
Awesome, read on.

The nitty gritty...

Our next cohort starts in April 2021 and is three months long, so the session runs to June 30, 2021.

Our members have 1:1 coaching sessions each month, plus monthly group mastermind calls and ongoing conversation in our private online forum accessible through a mobile app. The program is specifically structured to deliver insight, accountability, and connection that helps our members get clear, commit to and take action on what is strategically right for them.

*The investment for AMPLIFY Members is listed below. This rate will increase for members who join future sessions.






Pay in full
$ 9000 Total


$ 3500 Three payments

Want to join us?

This session of AMPLIFY has closed.

Would you like to be notified when the doors open again?

It's time to Dream! Commit! Create!


The answers to your most burning questions!

AMPLIFY is structured to deliver enough 1:1 coaching for us to map out your strategy, identify your stuck points, target a few key amplification habits, and formulate your sustainability toolkit. With a deep dive Blueprint goal-setting session, a midpoint strategy session, and a final plan check-in call, along with ongoing support in our private community forum, we got you covered. 🥰

In AMPLIFY, you get 1:1 coaching along with belonging to a private, high-level community of peers who are on the same spirit-led reinvention journey. This combination provides a unique mix of “sister support,” inspiration, and accountability that helps you stay centered and confident as you step up to launch the next stage of your dreams! 🚀

As the nation’s leading expert in reinvention, I only take on a maximum of six 1:1 coaching clients per year. Spirit tapped me on the shoulder to start this group, so I significantly lowered my rates for the AMPLIFY members. The amount of 1:1 attention in this group typically costs more than $12k.

When you reach the end of your AMPLIFY Private Coaching Group with the rest of your cohort, you will receive an invitation to continue in our AMPLIFY Club. This ongoing, members-only group will help you through the rest of your amplification journey.

What are you waiting for?

This session of AMPLIFY has closed.

Would you like to be notified when the doors open again?

Meet your (virtual) Reinvention Coach®

I’ve walked in your shoes.

I’m familiar with loss and pain. I’ve felt STUCK.

When I went through my first reinvention—a leap from Wall Street to entertainment—there was no system to follow, no coach to guide me (this was WAY before reinvention became trendy).

Now my mission is to help you avoid the stress, chaos, and turmoil of change by giving you the knowledge, tools, and support to craft a career (and life) you love.

I know from my experience (and the hundreds of people I’ve helped since 2003 when I founded The Reinvention Institute), that it is possible to turn the life you dream of into the life you actually lead.

Let’s get started on YOUR new life! 

Real people, real reinvention success stories...

Rory Verrett
I have the impact I've always wanted!

Now we live in our dream home. I run a thriving business. I have freedom and control over my time. And my work and my personal values are perfectly aligned. If you are ready for your life to be transformed and for your authentic self to be reintroduced to you, call Coach Pamela and work with The Reinvention Institute and your life will change for the better.

Rachel Davis
I'm so excited to get up and go to work!

I have the great fortune of every day of my life, waking up in the morning and doing what I love. I get to go on a live-aboard dive yacht for a week and get paid for it. This is just a testament to how wonderful my life has become. The Reinvention Institute cares about people’s success, and you honestly couldn’t do better to find someone to help guide you in your reinvention.

Corry Klein
I realized that anything is possible!

I currently live between London and the French Alps in a ski resort. And it was all through my reinvention that I got there. I realized I could expand my range greatly, trying new things. I realized that anything is possible. I decided that I wanted to do what Coach Pamela does, so I went through coach training, and here I am today. I hope you come along on this amazing journey!

More results from our work...

Kendra Cunningham_sq
I learned how to simplify and prioritize my goals!
My life is now completely different. I learned how to simplify and prioritize my goals. I gained a ton of confidence. Most importantly, I became proud of my dreams and goals for the future instead of scared and embarrassed to name what I wanted.
Joe Bologna_sq
I learned the skills to become passionate about my life's work!
Before I came to The Reinvention Institute I was constantly worried and preoccupied with how to succeed in life. I learned the emotional skills required to become passionate about my life’s work and keep this passion despite obstacles. And I created a corporation that has given me the freedom and flexibility to answer the question: “What will you do in retirement?”
 I was amazed at how quickly my actions changed in a short time!
I was amazed at how quickly my outlook and actions changed in a relatively short time. Coach Pamela helped me view and approach untenable situations in a new way, which turned once dreaded situations into exciting challenges. I continually practice techniques she shared with me. As a result I am less stressed at home and at work, I have more confidence, and I am able to turn off work without feeling guilty.
My mindset changed from "not again" to "bring it on!"
Coach Pamela helped me cultivate a variety of creative tools and techniques to approach both personal and professional challenges, so my mind-set changed from, “Not again” to “Bring it on!”
Fantastic job, love of my life, and open to the best things ahead!
Coach Pamela helped me be open to the best things for me and to channel my mind in the right way. She helped me get to where I am today — fantastic job in a world-class city, finding the love of my life, and being open to the best things ahead.
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